Oh honey….
Quit lusting after what God does not have for you.
Not what someone else is doing but what YOU should be doing.
Find your passion, find your purpose.
I was inspired to write this by a recent service at church and hope that this
reaches someone, like the sermon reached me.

We are living in a world full of constant pressures of what we “think” we should be doing.
You see this perfect mother, dedicated wife, with a banging body, AND an amazing career.
You know, the modern day superwoman lol.
But the reality is, social media is often a glimpse into what real life really is and for us normal folk,
life goes beyond Instagram squares and status updates.

I personally struggled with distinguishing between looking up to someone, and wanting someone else’s gift to be my gift.
Not coming from a jealous place, but I truly aspired to be like the people we often refer to as #goals.
I start beating myself up because I wasn’t where I wanted to be, people were growing in ways that I wanted and I fell into a negative space. 

I really had to face the person in the mirror and figure out why I was kicking myself in the butt so much.
Stopped asking, “Why me? and instead trusting that it was for a reason. Nothing can be done when all you have is pity and envy in your heart. You can’t grow and are definitely not in a place to receive anything that God may place in your life. I for one know that I have been given the gift of resilience because adversity is truly where I thrive. In the moment it doesn’t feel like it, but a little push back is all the ignition I need to light my fire. I am thankful for this gift because it is part of the foundation of my personal strength. With that being said, I now know….why me.

You have to ask yourself:
What makes me happy?
Am I doing this often enough where it impacts my life?
What am I good at?
How can I incorporate this into my daily life.

There’s a questionnaire at the bottom of this post because I am all about helping others with their glow up.

Sometimes things do not work because they aren’t meant for you.
So keep your head up and don’t let failure be the reason you stop.

…pressure creates opportunity to shine.
…surround yourself with people that polish it.
…you are unique and that is the way God intended.
Most importantly, you are precious and don’t let anyone make you feel otherwise Queen.

Find what your gift is here.
Listen to the sermon



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