In a society that tells you how you should think, how you should dress and what defines success…
…it’s so easy to lose yourself.

I have finally gotten to a place in my life that everyone’s opinion of me doesn’t shape how I feel about myself. I am confident in the woman that I present to the world. I value myself too much to get trapped in the opinions of others (especially the ones that don’t care for me to win).
That doesn’t mean I don’t care what others think, because I do, and still get hurt.

When decide to live life for yourself, not everyone will be on board.
Change often scares people and strength can be taken as a threat. God will begin to weed out those that are not for you, and that in itself is a challenge. We are so worried about keeping enemies at a distance, when you might have a snake already in your garden. Continue to bring people into your life that uplift you and know your heart. You’ll learn to find growth in the moments of adversity, when someone tells you “you can’t,” and turn those negatives to a positive.

Keep your head up love, that crown can weigh you down.
Wake up in the morning,
Look in the mirror and say….


visuals by Marrica Evans
tee The LB Brand
pants Who What Wear
blazer Zara
loafers Target